Updating an Ansible Operator to use the updated Ansible 2.15.0 image

  1. Update the FROM directive in the Dockerfile to have a version tag > v1.30.0
  2. Evaluate your dependency requirements. The change to Ansible 2.15.0 also included removal of some pre-installed Python modules. You may need to update your Dockerfile to pip install modules required by your operator.

See #6483 for more details.

Upgrading an Ansible Operator project to match the latest ansible/v1 plugin changes

  1. In the requirements.yml file:
    • Remove the community.kubernetes collection entry
    • Update the version of the operator_sdk.util collection entry to v0.5.0
  2. In the molecule/kind/molecule.yml and molecule/default/molecule.yml files:

See #6483 for more details.

Migrating away from the quay.io/operator-framework/ansible-operator-2.11-preview base image

  1. Update the FROM directive in the Dockerfile to use the base image quay.io/operator-framework/ansible-operator:vX.Y.Z where vX.Y.Z is > v1.30.0

See #6483 for more details.

Require watch on secrets

The operator now requires the watch operation on secrets. When using a custom ServiceAccount for deployment, the following additional role is now required:

  - apiGroups:
      - ""
      - secrets
      - watch

See #6354 for more details.

Last modified July 27, 2023: Release v1.31.0 (#6522) (e67da35e)