Define Watches in Helm-based operators

Specification for the watches.yaml file in Helm-based operators.

The Watches file contains a list of mappings from custom resources, identified by it’s Group, Version, and Kind, to a Helm chart. The Operator expects this mapping file in a predefined location: /opt/helm/watches.yaml

The follow tables describes the fields in an entry in watches.yaml:

Field Description
group The group of the Custom Resource that you will be watching.
version The version of the Custom Resource that you will be watching.
kind The kind of the Custom Resource that you will be watching.
chart The path to the helm chart to use when reconciling this GVK.
watchDependentResources Enable watching resources that are created by helm (default: true).
overrideValues Values to be used for overriding Helm chart’s defaults. For additional information see the reference doc.
selector The conditions that a resource’s labels must satisfy in order to get reconciled. For additional information see labels and selectors documentation.

For reference, here is an example of a simple watches.yaml file:

# Use the 'create api' subcommand to add watches to this file.
- group:
  version: v1alpha1
  kind: Foo
  chart: helm-charts/foo
  watchDependentResources: false
     - {key: testLabel, operator: Exists, values: []}
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